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Storm Capture 

March 2011 - Oldcastle Precast. Inc.‘s  patent pending  Storm Capture modular stormwater detention system is an underground structural precast concrete system for stormwater management.  Storm Capture can be used for infiltration, detention, or retention and reuse, as well as for treatment-train systems.
Storm Capture features a stand-alone, traffic bearing design which does not rely on final paving and associated stone underlayment, or on specific stone backfill for structural capacity and storage.  Oldcastle Precast modules are constructed of high-strength concrete and are installed on a simple setting bed of stone that is up to 20% less than other systems.  Their ability to support traffic allows for minimal cover with pavement options of asphalt, concrete or concrete pavers.  Standard inlet grates allow stormwater direct entry from a roadway surface into the system, eliminating the need for separate inlet structures.  Storm Capture incorporates direct access for inspection and cleaning through grates, manholes or removable slabs, as well as a Maintenance Module for sustainability.  Storm Capture Modules have a smaller footprint with more storage capacity, and allow for rapid installation due to no select backfill requirements.  Storm Capture can be installed early in the development process without fear of damage during construction. Call 888-965-3227 today for technical specifications or product information

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