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Grease Interceptors & Traps 

Grease traps, also known as grease interceptors, are concrete vaults (hollow six sided structures) are placed below ground with piping.  Two manhole cover access points are placed at ground level.  The vault has a division down the middle that separates grease from water before allowing the water to continue on to the septic system or sewage lines.  Separating grease from water is crucial to prevent the grease from clogging the water pipes.  Grease traps are placed outside, generally in a roadway or parking lot, and are used with commercial kitchens or anywhere a large amount of grease and water are commingled.

Oldcastle Precast’s grease traps are manufactured in a variety of standard and custom sizes.  Knockouts, castouts, and special accesses can be added to your grease trap to to suit your particular project.


  • Commercial kitchens
  • Septic systems
  • Waste water systems
  • Storm water systems

Download PDF

Images Product Name Materials Docs
W-WT03-Grease Trap-200 Gal 2’-0” x 4’-0” x 4’-0” Concrete pdf
W-WT04-Grease Trap-270 Gal 3’-0” x 5’-0” x 3’-6” Concrete pdf
W-WT05-Grease Trap-500 Gal 4’-0” x 5’-6” x 5’-6” Concrete pdf
W-WT06-Grease Trap-1000 Gal 4’-0” x 8’-0” x 5’-6” Concrete pdf
W-WT07-Grease Trap-1500 Gal 6’-0” x 12’-0” x 4’-0” Concrete pdf
W-WT08-Grease Trap-2000 Gal 6’-0” x 12’-0” x 5’-0” Concrete pdf
W-WT09-Grease Trap-3000 Gal 6’-0” x 12’-0” x 7’-0” Concrete pdf
W-WT10-Grease Trap-4000 Gal 10’-6” x 16’-0” x 4’-3” Concrete pdf
W-WT11-Grease Trap-5000 Gal 10’-6” x 16’-0” x 5’-4” Concrete pdf
W-WT12-Grease Trap-6000 Gal 10’-6” x 18’-0” x 5’-4” Concrete pdf
W-WT13-Grease Interceptor-750 Gal 9'-0" x 5'-0" x 5'-9" Concrete pdf dwg
W-WT14-Grease Interceptor-1000 Gallon 8'-8" x 5'-0" x 6'-4" Concrete pdf dwg
W-WT15-Grease Interceptor-1500 Gal 8'-4" x 5'-10" x 8'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
W-WT16-Grease Interceptor-2000 Gal 8'-4" x 5'-10" x 6'-0" Concrete pdf dwg
W-WT17-Grease Interceptor-2500 Gal 16'-2" x 7'-2" x 6'-2" Concrete pdf dwg
W-WT18-Grease Interceptor-3000 16'-2" x 7'-2" x 7'-2" Concrete pdf dwg
W-WT19-Grease Interceptor-3500 Gal 16'-2" x 7'-2" x 7'-8" Concrete pdf dwg
W-WT20-Grease Interceptor-4000 Gal 16'-2" x 7'-2" x 8'-8" Concrete pdf dwg
W-WT21-Grease Interceptor-4500 Gal 16'-2" x 7'-2" x 9'-2" Concrete pdf dwg
W-WT22-Grease Interceptor-5000 Gal 16'-2" x 7'-2" x 9'-2" Concrete pdf dwg
W-WT23-Grease Interceptor-5500 Gal 16'-2" x 7'-2" x 10'-8" Concrete pdf dwg
W-WT24-Grease Interceptor-6000 Gal 16'-2" x 7'-2" x 11'-8" Concrete pdf dwg

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