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Oldcastle Security® 

From perimeter security products that protect against intrusion of external walls and fences to high security high beam infra-red systems, Oldcastle's hi-tech perimeter security products provide superior perimeter protection.

  Cable Detection Systems

Alpha Sensor Cable Technology - Micro phonic Audio Verification System

AUDIO VERIFICATION is the unique feature of our perimeter security system . The ONLY perimeter security system in the world that has this feature. This is achieved through the use of the ALPHA Cable, specifically manufactured for the perimeter security market. Its patented magnetic construction combined with the very latest techniques in sensor design have resulted in it being the benchmark for the industry.

The latest version of DEFENSOR , provides the capability to effectively combine the advantages of its proven Alpha sensor cable technology with the physical delay factor and vibration transmission characteristics of the perimeter fence. Defensor, in conjunction with the physical barrier provided by the perimeter fence, forms the first line against attempted intrusions. It is designed for applications on manned or unmanned sites, whether as a stand-alone single zone system or as part of a comprehensive multiple zone installation.

  Infra-Red Detection Systems

Perimbar is specified throughout the world as the first choice for perimeter protection in a variety of commercial, governmental and domestic applications. It is an external infra-red beam detection system available in virtually any size with a range of up to 492 feet. Optical beam pattern for high level intruder detection

  Perimeter Detection Systems

Oldcastle Security® provides a wide range of effective, reliable, state-of-the art perimeter security and intruder detection solutions, for industrial and commercial applications. Perimeter detection systems range from audio cable, covert buried cable to infra red systems, microwave, CCTV and portable protection systems.

  Barrier Detection Systems

PSICON, or Perimeter Security and Intrusion Classification system, has been developed as the leading edge solution for intruder detection on perimeter walls and rigid railing structures, where traditional detection systems have often failed.


  • Stops a 10,000lb vehicle, traveling 40+mph with insignificant barrier damage and little to no maintenance necessary after impact
  • Virtually tamper proof with ordinary hand tools
  • Rapid deployment
  • Full-scale impact tested by an independent and industry recognized organization.

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