Oldcastle Precast, Inc.
200 Keystone Drive
Telford PA, 18969
Phone: (215) 257-2255
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About Us 

Oldcastle Precast Modular, a precast manufacturer for over 50 years, has a long standing history of successful precast facility projects. We focus on our (1) experience in the industry, (2) exceptional production capabilities and custom designed building components, and (3) ability to value engineer a project. To date Oldcastle has designed, engineered, produced and erected over 53,000 precast modules and thousands of additional building components.

Our organization is staffed with experienced, accredited engineers, project managers and manufacturing staff who respond to the specific requirements of your project, creating solutions to fit your every need.

With this experience we can offer you :

  • Single source responsibility
  • Sales, engineering and conceptual design expertise
  • Product quality and custom made building components
  • Value engineering
  • Project management
  • On-site erection services
  • First class service
  • A project on time and in budget

Production capabilities:
Location of the manufacturing facility, in relation to the job site, is an important element in the overall projects’ success. With over 70 PCI certified manufacturing plants nationwide Oldcastle produces its precast building components 12 months out of a year under the strictest quality control measures in our temperature controlled manufacturing facility closest to your site. To date we have successfully completed correctional projects in over 30 of the United States and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Project quality is essential to us. Oldcastle ensures receipt, of a quality product, through our highly detailed and quality monitored manufacturing process beginning with the production of the precast mold. Oldcastle is the only precast building manufacturer who custom designs, engineers and manufactures their own precast molds for every project. This enables us to work on highly technical, complex projects successfully and efficiently.

Value Engineering:
Oldcastle prides itself in its ability to value engineer. Our vast experience, knowledge and ability to customize, to your specifications, all precast components gives us the opportunity to value engineer numerous facility details, providing a more complete and efficient project. Incorporated into our value engineering, is Oldcastle's ability to offer clients a full precast building envelope. Full precast facilities include room modules, hollow core floors, wall panels, double T's, guard towers, elevator towers, stair towers and landings. We are always looking for ways to optimize the use of precast and continually invest in developing the technologies to deliver value engineered facilities. Value engineering saves our clients time and money.

Oldcastle's quality, service and expertise ensures your job will be first-class and delivered on time and in budget.

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