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Electric Vaults 

Vaults are hollow 5-sided hollow rectangular structures that are topped with concrete and an access lid. We offer one piece, three piece, and multi-piece vaults that can be customized for your project.

Electrical vaults house power cables and transformers, and are a preferred alternative to running electrical power cables above the ground and across utility poles. Oldcastle Precast’s vaults come in multiple dimensions and are perfect for electrical, utilities, fiber-optic, and communications applications. Our products include access doors, manhole covers, blockouts, knockouts, and more. 


  • Underground cable access
  • Utility cabling access
  • Fiber optic cabling access
  • Telecom cable access
  • Electrical cable access

Download PDF

Images Product Name Materials Docs
10x10x6.5 Octagonal Vault Concrete pdf
2X2X2.5 Electical Vault Concrete pdf
3x3x3 TE Electical Vault Concrete pdf
4.5x16x7.5 Electical Vault Concrete pdf
4X4X4 LE electical Vault Concrete pdf
4X4X4Split Electrical Vault Concrete pdf
4X6X4 LE Electical Vault Concrete pdf
4X6X4TE Communicationl Vault Concrete
5x5x5 TE Electical Vault Concrete pdf
6x10x6.5 Octagonal Vault Concrete pdf
6X12X7switching Cube Long Concrete pdf
6X12X7switching Cube Short Concrete pdf
6x6x6 TE Electical Vault Concrete pdf
8x10x6.5 Octagonal Vault Concrete pdf
8X13X9 Octagonal Vault Concrete pdf
8x18x9 Octagonal Vault Concrete pdf
Meter vault 4.5x8.5x6 Concrete pdf
Meter vault 5x6x4Doghouse Concrete pdf
Meter vault 6x10x6 Concrete pdf
Meter vault 6x12x6 Concrete pdf

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