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Wayne Grube Park 

Wayne Grube Park pedestrian underpasses
When Northampton County decided to do some upgrading to their park system,  they included some much-needed pedestrian safety provisions at the Wayne Grube Park in Northampton, Lehigh County. Two 12’ wide x 10’-3” high pedestrian underpasses were designed under new access roads at the popular public space.

They chose precast concrete culverts as the most economical way to construct the tunnels. Lairy Bishop and the rest of the Telford team proposed a total precast solution using (9) 31 ton culvert sections at each tunnel. Only one of the tunnels is being completed, with the other one sealed off with precast end caps for future completion. The one shown here, the east underpass, was linked with a total of 21 wingwall sections measuring 150’ in length. Post-tensioning of the sections assures that they will not separate or allow groundwater into the structure. The culvert, headwalls, and wings were then faced with a stone architectural finish, and the roadway and associated handrails and landscaping were placed above. Muschlitz Excavating of Bath PA bought and installed the precast.

The interior was finished smooth, and then coated with a tough exterior paint. Light fixtures will be installed using conduits cast into the precast at Telford’s facility. An interior floor topping was poured in place to provide a bump-free riding/walking surface, and removable bollards were placed at either ends to allow vehicle traffic through the tunnel if necessary.

By using precast construction methods, the county saved significant time and money on the project, and allowed for a fast-track installation and project completion. While they were preparing the site, we were pouring the sections, and in the end, with careful coordination and communication between precaster and customer, the results speak for themselves. A stunning addition to the park, providing economical, functional, secure pathways for the public while adding a little bling in the process. Who would have thought concrete could look so good!


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